How can Pilates help your golf?

Deep core muscles

By strengthening these lower abdominal muscles you will take the pressure off the low back, hips and knees and reduce stiffness and pain. It will also allow for improved posture at address.

Spine mobility


A long and flexible spine to allows you to rotate further on the back swing without jeapordising your lower body balance and strength. And the more mobility you have, the more power you can put into your swing.


Upper back strength


Create a smoother and more powerful swing with evenly conditioned back muscles. It will also drastically reduce neck and shoulder tension as these muscles can overwork when we don’t use our upper back muscles correctly. Upper back strength also helps keep great posture as we grow older.

Stabilise your pelvis


So what does a stable pelvis have to do with improving your golf swing? You are more inclined to hold your lower body strength when rotating into the back swing and a balanced and stable lower body combined with increased mobility in the upper body means you can coil more efficiently in your back swing.


Hip mobility and rotation

Without good hip rotation, you can compensate on your follow through with knees or back causing wear and tear on muscles,. And a bigger hip turn will also allow for greater power through your rotation.


Shoulder mobility and strength


Good muscles engagement and joint mobility will ensure you hit the right positions in the back swing without causing wear and tear on the shoulder joint.

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