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It is our vision to create a safe space for our clients to feel comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone and learning new things. Our team are part of a wider community of passionate instructors that thrive on helping others and being the best we can be. At Pilates for Golfers, all our instructors are highly trained in Pilates and are required to participate in regular workshops and development. 

Belinda Kranz


Belinda was first introduced to Pilates while training as a dancer. She was impressed with the benefits to strength, posture and flexibility and amazed at the reduction in and pain and injury. After leaving her career in media and communications behind to start a family, she decided to pursue her passion and become a Pilates instructor. She is now an APMA level 2 qualified instructor and is very pleased about her career change.

She loves the dynamic nature of Pilates and is passionate about helping clients reach their potential and live pain free. Over the years of working with a variety of clients, Belinda received so much feedback about how much Pilates had helped her golf clientele. Recognising the extent of the golfing community in the Sandbelt and Mornington Peninsula areas, Belinda decided to start playing golf and specialise her Pilates in golf. 

Sam Hamilton


Sam’s love of Pilates began on the Mornington Peninsula 10 years ago, after taking some time out from a demanding career. Pilates was an obvious choice for Sam; it fitted in with her goals to find a lifelong physical activity that related and provided ongoing maintenance- therapy for her mind, body and spirit. She also wanted to achieve an evenly conditioned body, improve her sports performance and prevent injury. And being a keen golfer, Sam appreciate how much Pilates has benefitted her body to help her golf.


Sam later decided to leap forward and undertake Pilates Instructor Training – Certificate IV in Pilates. Since then, her interests have developed even further through her ongoing studies in the Pilates method. Sam has enjoyed being mentored by a network of some of the best Pilates Instructors known on the Mornington Peninsula.

Irina Zhelezniakova


Irina discovered the Pilates method 8 years ago when a new Pilates class was introduced to her Health Club. After the very first mat class she was amazed with the outcomes. It gave her a great workout with significant reduction in pain, which she regularly suffered from. She developed control and precision she had never previously experienced and Pilates quickly became her favourite form of exercise and has been a constant in her life ever since.

Irina's passion for Pilates and teaching, together with her keen interest in anatomy and her desire to help others, led her to undertake training to become an instructor. She completed her Certificate IV in Pilates and began her teaching career.  Dedicated to continuous learning, she commenced her Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy with the Australian Pilates Method Association.

Her goal as a teacher is to guide and support people of all levels to reach their greatest movement potential, for improved quality of life or to enhance sporting performance and live pain free.

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